this is Sooperpoweredhardfiterhank one of the maney forms of the ohso varey evilbad Karl Hanke

Karl Hankle is the new varey evilhoribal ss header of the Secret Conspirasyofslender and he is ohsomuchverey powerfuler then any other one that had come before him from all of his megajooburner and other training made stronger and stronger too wen he is varey varey sooper strong or nown as now he fote with the gang of sooper saveing the world people but he deefeated them and they had to go to travel back in time but not before he killed Hercules who busted the good guys too out of the dunjun


  • Waybadssheaderkarlhank - this is his normel form and he is not much powerfull but he has varey much in store.........
  • Newmegamegarikesfurerhank - Kalr Hanke used his megajooburner masheen to gain a ultrra lot of power and this was over long long time so it was alot of power
  • Sooperpoweredhardfiterhank - beecuz of all the joopowerjuice that he draned from the joos in the halocast he got enuff power too gane this noo form and its even more porwerfuller
  • Ultrapowernorsgodpowerkarlhank - Karl got the speer of the nors god Odin gungnir and it made him big and 20 feat tall and powerfull as heck and he was sooper strong and allmost killed Leeonardo to dead but youll have to reed yourself to figgur it out.... hahahahahaha
  • Waybreathingoffiredragonkarl - he drank the time river juice from the way so back end of the time river and if you do that it gives you incredibel ekkselent powers of beeing a dragon
  • Finalformofbeingawarewolfkarlhank - holy oh no Karl Hanke got bitted by a warewolf and now with a full moon he can turn too one!!!!!


  • fhe can shoot lots of megapower beams that are verey ppowerful
  • he can stab you with his horns
  • he can bite you with much powerful teeth
  • he has a staber rapeeur
  • he breaths megadragon fireflames wehn a dragon in form
  • he can cut you up with his claws as a dragon form
  • he cAN hit to you with his dragon form tale
  • his warwolf claws can grow so much bigger and like into soreds and so hard fiteing!
  • he can blast to you with wolfhoweler beems into you
  • if he bites you as a warewolf you mite turn into a warewofl but you can heel it out