SlenderspirasyNation is a way terrabal website of joining in on and helping the slenderspiraasy and they pretend their good guys but there not look at this pikchure of me getting baned for all of the times in forever!!!!!!!


wow what sobad slernderspirasy and how did Zander get the ban hamer back how suspichus.........

it is also nown as slendernation but they are in on the slenderspiarsy and so verey bad that they should be called SlenderspiraysNation


  • admin guy of SlenderspirasyNation
  • he is way bad but got kiled by The Doctor and The Doctor got his banhamer back that Zander stole ohso way long times ago but Zander was rasrected and took the hamer and is beeing in charge of his evil nazi website agen.
  • he is so verey way bad.......


modrator guy of slenderspiracy nation and a sobig nazi for hating jewis guys and want to kill them hes also waybig servent of slender and always ban accounts of us for trying to spread the truth of the slenderspiracy